About Us

About us: Hey! At Travel Worldwide Shop, we are all about trending travel products with affordable prices! We want to improve your experience as a traveler and are therefore working hard to provide the best accessories for your world exploring adventure. 

We are very passionate with traveling, for this reason we are providing the best essential and innovative travel gear. It is based from trends and own experience. 
Our goal is to faciliate the purchase of travel needs, by offering all the best travel accessories at one place.

Our vision started a couple of months ago when we were traveling (traveling is our biggest passion). Everywhere we went we always thought, "would it not be nice to have this or that". We always got in to a situation when something was missing, some accessory that would make a big difference in that specific moment. For instance, once we had an issue organizing all our belognings and getting it in the luggage so we had to leave things behind. This due to the lack of storage space. It would not have been an issue if we had bought some organizing bags. Moreover, one time we brought our designer sunglasses to the beach and they broke. We brought a solution to that, by buying cool and good-looking sunglasses for a lower price which we brought to the beach. We also used them daily and not once did we have to worry about consquenses of bringing them to a location. This is only two of many times we have encountered the problem with lack of travel essentials. This is why we offer travel accessories that you can bring and make precious memories with. Memories are something that we bring through our whole lives.

We truely hope that you will be satisfied with the products we provide. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond within 12 hours. We would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day!